Embody's Co Founder To Speak At The Product World Forum

Embody's Co Founder and Vice President of Engineering, Shruti Badhwar, present Embody's latest product technology at the Product World Forum in San Francisco. Her talk entitled, Streaming Personalized Spatial Audio At Scale: A Story Of An Enterprise Product, will be held in the Main Hall from 1:50pm - 2:20pm.

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Embody at CEDEC 2019

On Thursday Sept 5th 16:30-17:30, Embody's VP of Creative Direction + Production, Marielle Jakobsons will be presenting her talk about Personalized Spatial Audio™ and introducing SpatialMix™ @ CEDEC 2019 in Yokohama, Japan.

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Since St John’s: Shruti Badhwar

Our ability to localise sound depends upon how the sound interacts with the folds and shape of our ears, which are a unique signature of every person. The relationship between the ear and the personal audio profile is too complicated to be modelled analytically, so we use data and machine learning to understand this relationship.

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Embody's Immerse Release at GDC 2019

"We call it Immerse™ because you feel like you are immersed into the environment. You feel that you are part of that environment." - Akshat Jain, Software Developer for Embody.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Embody booth, where the team brought spatial sound demos for PC gaming, Console Gaming, Virtual Reality and DAW platforms.

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