"Embody" AI-based sound processing technology delivered with 3D sound dedicated to your ear

There are only two human ears on the left and right sides of the head. That is a two-channel sound system. However, for some reason, you can see where the sound is coming from, 360 degrees up and down, left and right and up and down centered on yourself.
This is largely due to the fact that the sound waves coming into the ear are modulated by the ear shell before vibrating the eardrum in the ear. The ear shell is a rounded plate-like part that protrudes from the left and right sides of the head and is simply called the “ear” in daily life.
As mentioned above, the sound coming into the ear collides with the ear shell and reaches the eardrum through a phenomenon such as reflection or diffraction, but the sound is modulated by the relative positional relationship and direction of the sound source and the listener. The way it is done changes. Humans perceive the characteristics of this modulated sound wave and perceive the 360 degree localization of the sound.

In recent years, new acoustic technology that links the relationship between this ear shell shape and 360-degree sound localization to virtual sound technology has continued.
For example, Creative Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Creative”), famous for the SoundBlaster brand, has developed a 3D holographic sound technology “ Super X-Fi ” that realizes accurate 360-degree sound localization from the shape of the user's ear shell taken with a smartphone. Announced at 2018, the corresponding USB sound device and headset also appeared at CES 2019 in January 2019.
Sony announced “ 360 Reality Audio ” at CES 2019, which is also a technology that can use ear photos taken with a smartphone to optimize for the ear shell of the listener.

Even at the GDC 2019 exhibition, the startup “ Embody ”, which deals with the same kind of sound technology, has a booth and it has become a hot topic among the people involved in the industry.