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Test Subscription Product

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Generate Personalized HRTF
from a single image in minutes

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  • From a single image of your right ear, our machine learning algorithms create your Personalized Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF).
  • No need for a complicated 3D scanning hardware. Take a picture from your mobile phone camera and receive your Personalized HRTF in minutes.

  • For instructions on how to best capture a picture of your right ear, please watch this video [Watch Now]
  • Available in SOFA format

  • 1250 point spatial grid - 50 point azimuth grid and 25 point elevation grid

  • Compatible with numerous Spatial Audio Platforms and Plugins with sofa file loading capability such as DAW plugins, Game Audio Engine plugins, Audio Middlewares and Research applications

  • Compatible with audio formats including Stereo, Surround, Atmos, First and Higher order Ambisonic and Object-based Audio
  • After making the purchase please reach out to us at support@embodyvr.co with a picture of your right ear and the information on target DAW Plugin, Audio Middleware, Game Engine plugin you wish to load the SOFA file into; and we will send you your own unique Personalized HRTF in minutes.