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We create sound experiences that your ears were made to hear.


Embody™ is an audio lifestyle company creating groundbreaking technologies to elevate human sensory experiences. 

At the forefront of data science and acoustic research, we have crafted AI engines to elevate personalized sound experiences for all. 

We create sound experiences your ears were made to hear.


The executive team



As passionate musicians, gamers, and sound designers, we're driven to perfect our craft by fusing acoustics and machine learning.


Embody™ began research and development in 2017 with Kapil Jain, Greg Lewis, Shruti Badhwar and research engineers Nikhil Javeri and Faiyadh Shahid.

Since 2017, Embody™ has grown from 3 to 16, growing in such a diverse collaborative way from acoustic science to machine learning and data science to creative design and development. 

We use principles of data science to solve acoustic science. With an acoustic science background, Embody™ started by looking at VR and its problems with spatial sound localization. In VR, the visuals are esthetically and technically successful, but the audio was lacking experience for the viewer. To solve the problem Embody™ came up with a software that bridges the gap from the VR of the current to the auditory sensing perspective of the future. 

And even now in the present, you can feel that you are in the visual world, focusing on your auditory senses.