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CO-FOUNDER + Vice President of Engineering

Technology entrepreneur, R&D leader and a multi-tasking mom. PhD in Physics from Cambridge with 5+ years of industry experience in building innovative and disruptive technologies ranging from lasers, facial recognition systems and AI-based platforms.


video director + social media manager

A globe trotted, visual enthiast, filmmaker and photographic artist, very into design, electronic music, contemporary dance and tea. She studied at the Savannah College of Art + Design and has exhibited in the World Trade Center, Queens Museum and Art Basel. She has been a video director + editor for over 10 years.


vice president of asia pacific + japan

Compassionate, full of love and a high-tech leader. Designed and built the US NPR network. Created the Marvell Thin Modem business growing to $400M/year and drove its successful divestiture. (8).gif (4).gif


principal engineer audio software development

Kickass engineer and music producer who also makes machines for optimizing sleep cycles.


research engineer, software ninja

A roboticist and software research engineer who is passionate about deep learning and computer vision. Akshat is driven by challenges and looks at problems as situations that need to be changed. In his free time, you will find him singing, gaming or traveling.


co-founder + ceo

Loves ice climbing, skiing on fresh powder snow or working with a team to solve a problem no one has ever solved before. Led Audio Business at Marvell Semiconductor. On a mission to transform auditory experiences in gaming, entertainment, and healthcare. Author of 40+ patent. (18).gif (9).gif (5).gif

Marielle Jakobsons

vice president of creative direction

Composer and audio engineer with over a decade of experience as a sound designer and audio director for AAA games at EA.

nikhil javeri

research engineer

Nikhil <3 data-preserve-html-node="true" Math and Machine Learning. A musican and a gamer at heart, Nikhil wants to take upon unsolved problems and deliver kick-ass immersive reality solutions to the world.

saarish kareer

acoustics + machine learning engineer

A guitarist, acoustics and audio software enthusiast passionate about music as a technological and creative expression. (11).gif (12).gif (13).gif


co-founder + coo

faiyadh shahid

research engineer + software ninja

Faiyadh Shahid graduated from University of Southern California and Texas A&M University with a specialization in Electrical Engineering, with the highest distinction. His internships were at Mathworks and Canon Information and Imaging Institute. After his Masters, he joined Embody as the second employee in the role of a Research Engineer. Faiyadh built the entire backend infrastructure that currently supports multiple gaming and entertainment clients. He has two patents and two publications to his name. He loves to begin each day with a piece of chocolate cake.

nidhi sikarwar

research scientist of machine learning + physical modeling

Kickass aerospace engineer, a great mum, member of the Society of Women Engineers at Penn State, VP of Aerospace Graduate Student Association with love of coffee. (14).gif
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kaushik sunder

principal research scientist for audio + acoustics

Musician, Researcher and a Runner. Kaushik hails from a strong academic background with a PhD in 3D Audio and Psychoacoustics from NTU Singapore and Postdoctoral experiences from NASA Ames Research Center and Schulich School of Music, McGill University.

will wong

software engineer

Game developer. Former graphics driver engineer, full-stack developer, and radio DJ.

bubbles the magic dog

team mascot + giggles factory (15).gif (16).gif
Yuxiang Front.jpg

jC liang

audio acoustics intern

shreyas padhye


yuxiang wang


Musician by night and programmer by day. Avid jazz pianist and aspiring electronic music producer. Senior at Stanford studying CS.

Problem Solver. Passionate Software Developer and Solution Architect. Believes in extreme ownership and loves to drive change. Strong proponent of equal rights & education for all. Thoroughly enjoys Music and Sunsets.

Enthusiastic about spatial audio, HRTF, HiFi, drawing and more. Currently persuing PhD in ECE at U of Rochester