FFXIV Immerse Gamepack 2.2 Arrives Ahead of Dawntrail Launch

FFXIV Immerse Gamepack 2.2 Arrives Ahead of Dawntrail Launch

Embody returns with the 2.2 update for the Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) Immerse Gamepack, just in time for the upcoming release of Dawntrail.

FFXIV Immerse Gamepack brings the following updates:

  • Further Improvements to HRTFs
    • Improvements to the Phase Response and Interaural Time Delay (ITD) of Immerse personalized HRTFs enhance clarity and fidelity, especially for higher frequencies. The maximum number of allowed profiles has been increased, and players are encouraged to create a new HRTF profile to take full advantage of the latest improvements.
  • Improvements to the HRTF AI Algorithm
    • Immerse can now interpret more information about your ears and facial dimensions to better predict your optimal personalized HRTF. This improvement tightens up the timing of audio signals, resulting in clearer sound quality and a reduction in muffled sound.

If players have been looking to try the FFXIV Immerse Gamepack, this is the perfect time to do so, especially with Dawntrail's release date fast approaching.

What Exactly Does The Immerse Gamepack Do?

The FFXIV Immere Gamepack does exactly what it says on the tin: immerse players in the sounds of the game. By taking the player's HRTF profile, the program's AI will be able to deduce how the player would hear sounds if they were standing in their character's shoes.

Players would be able to hear the game's various sound effects and background noises more clearly as if they were in Eorzea itself. Players might even be able to hear sounds that they weren't able to hear in the first place.

If players are looking for more ways to immerse themselves in FFXIV, then the Immerse Gamepack might just be what they need.

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