An Experiential Guide to Immerse Gamepack FFXIV
Welcome to Immerse Gamepack FINAL FANTASY XIV Edition, the world’s first fully integrated object-based personalized 360 spatial audio experience. There’s a lot for you to see and hear, so we’ve compiled this little guide to help get you started on your new spatial audio adventure.
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Apple M1 Compatibility
Immerse Virtual Studio V1.2.0 More Headphones. M1 Compatible. Adjustable EQ and more. Releasing on Wednesday, July 7, 2021 At Embody, we’re passionate about delivering creative solutions to problems the music community faces. Gathering inputs from multiple sources is essential to...
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Welcome to Immerse Gaming | HIVE, the future of gaming audio. This AI-driven spatial audio gaming software integrates seamlessly with your favorite PC games and gaming headphones to bring you unmatched tactical advantage and sonic immersion.
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