An upstart group of musicians, artists, and engineers dedicated to the advancement of spatial audio technology for all media. An international team of entrepreneurs and experts with diverse multidisciplinary backgrounds brought together by passion for creative innovation. A bunch of half-crazed brain wizards on a mission to spread the joy of immersive sound to everyone by harnessing the power of AI.

We are Embody, and we’re more than just ear-picture collecting technophiles. We’re also passionate collaborators who work together with some of the greatest and most influential names in Film, Television, Music, and Gaming. Remember when personalized spatial audio came to Final Fantasy XIV? That was us - we did that! And we’re just getting started.

We’re creating the tools and technologies that will usher in a new renaissance for immersive content creation, distribution and consumption. We’re creating the means for people everywhere to experience the joy of immersive sound. Together with our partners, we are racing towards the future. We look forward to seeing you there.

Meet the Team

Akshat Jain
Principal Engineer

Kevin Boettger
Spatial Audio Mastering Enginner

Conner Lacy
Software Developer

Daniel Braunstein
Software Development Engineer

Faiyadh Shahid
Manager Software Systems

Gregory Lewis
Chief Operating Officer

Hisako Isaji
Customer Support Agent

Ira Bolden
Chief Marketing Officer

Jaren Cloud
VP Marketing and Communications

Whittney Cloud
Content Producer

Jose 'Pepe' Encabo
Senior Director - Technical Marketing

Kapil Jain
Chief Executive Officer

Kaushik Sunder
Director of Engineering


Kiran Singh
Customer Support Specialist

Tommy Fox
Principal Engineer

Marielle Jakobsons
VP Creative Direction and Production

Company Mascot

Minh Quach
Creative Director

Morgan Isaacs
UI Designer

Nidhi Sikarwar
Acoustic Software Research Engineer

Nikhil Javeri
Manager - Machine Learning Research and Development

Prabal Dutta
Computer Vision Research Engineer

Saarish Kareer
Senior Staff Engineer

Scott Murakami
Staff Engineer