NeoSeeker reviews Immerse Gaming

NeoSeeker reviews Immerse Gaming HIVE

HIVE delivers massive strategic advantage

"I tried the Immerse Gaming HIVE with a few games I had on my system and managed to grab the below screenshots from Horizon Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs Legion. The software does give more depth to the audio, allowing a basic stereo headset to provide better awareness of one's surroundings. The visual aid provided by the Sonar Map might take a while to get used to by some users. Just give your brain a few minutes to learn how to decipher the info it is being fed, and you will have an extra advantage. In both examples, the Sonar Map was alerting me to at least two enemies in the vicinity that are located at opposite sides of my character. One of the enemies was in my field of view, while the other was off screen. This gives a massive strategic advantage, if you have the reflexes to take advantage of it that is!."

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Immerse Gaming HIVE wins NeoSeeker Innovation Award
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