Spatial Audio For All

Embody is democratizing spatial audio for all gamers! Join us.

Turn your headset into a Surround Sound System.

Sounds like a promise made by Dolby Atmos and DTS decades ago! And you are right, it was a promise we were all cheering for. We knew that games like Overwatch, COD, and CS:GO all support multichannel audio and playing them on a full 7.1 home theater system offers an incredible experience. But how many gamers can spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on a surround sound system? Plus we need to be able to communicate clearly with our team members, which is pretty difficult when you have 8 speakers blasting high octane combat sounds at you and your microphone. Headsets are the most accessible and viable way for gamers to experience surround sound.

Atmos and DTS made the promise of bringing that same home theater visceral experience on headsets. But the experience never came. A decade old promise went unfilled.

In 2017, Embody’s team of gamers and strategic partners came together with a singular mission: to finally deliver on the promise of a realistic 360 surround sound listening experience on headphones. We went back to the drawing board and realized that the reason Atmos and DTS could never deliver was because those solutions had no knowledge of a user's unique ear profile. Without that critical personal HRTF information, surround sound on headphones sounds mechanical and artificial. No wonder then that previous software and hardware solutions failed to secure a permanent space in the hearts of most gamers. It was reminiscent of times before iOS and Android, when Windows was trying to be the OS for phones; a new approach to sound design for headsets was needed.

So Embody turned to AI. Our deep neural networks have modelled how each one of us, and we are talking millions of us, hear sound differently on headsets. We trained their AI robots to model all the nuances of the human ear and what it does to sound waves the moment you put a headset on. After 3-years of coding, re-coding, learning, and re-coding again, Immerse was born.

Immerse is the world’s 1st personalized spatial audio software designed to be used with all headsets and PC games. It can turn any headset into a full-fledged surround sound system in under a minute. Setup is easy and its personalization engine truly makes you feel like you are gaming on a home theater system, even if you’re gaming on a $100 headset. This is the power of Immerse Gaming software.

Adding to the Immerse Gaming ecosystem, which already includes software developed in partnership with our strategic partners Logitech G, beyerdynamic and audio-technica, today we are launching Immerse Gaming | HIVE. It is collective software, which features headsets from Razer, Corsair, Sennhesier, Audeze, Steelseries, and more. Immerse AI will augment any headset, including the one you might already own; to create a distortion-free surround sound home theater experience without taxing your system or your wallet.

We would love for you to experience how Immerse can elevate the gaming experience on your headset. You can download it for free, set it up in under a minute, and try it for yourself. Visit 

Embody is democratizing spatial audio for all gamers! Join us.