Embody and Avid Revolutionize Mixing & Mastering on Headphones

A plugin which puts you in the sweet spot of any mixing and monitoring environment

"The plugin Immerse Virtual Studio with Avid is a culmination of this project. Immerse Virtual Studio puts you in the sweet spot of iconic sound studios by modeling your unique ear shape using AI algorithms and combining it with the precisely measured sound studios’ response. Certified by each studio’s mix/mastering engineer, Immerse delivers an authentic studio mixing experience over headphones never before possible. Besides auditioning in world-class studios, the plugin allows you to select your favorite reference headphone from an exhaustive list."

"Our partnership with Embody is an essential step in revolutionizing the world of virtual studio plugins for professional workflows in Pro Tools. Together we aim to elevate the experience that Immerse Virtual Studio brings to Pro Tools users, wherever you are doing your mixing and production."

Embody and Avid Revolutionize Mixing & Mastering on Headphones

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We would love for you to experience how Immerse Virtual Studio can elevate your own mixing and mastering experience. You can download it for free, set it up in under a minute, and try it for yourself. Visit www.embody.co/proaudio