David Gnozzi

David Gnozzi
A creator and host of a popular Youtube channel MixbusTV David Gnozzi is a platinum mixing/mastering engineer and producer, and a Pro Mix Academy Tutor.

A former professional musician with 2 albums published (Universal Records and Danse Macabre Records), David has been recording and mixing for almost 20 years, he fully dedicated himself to recording, mix and mastering after ending his career as a musician in 2010.

David initially started to gain recognition as a mixing engineer after successful remixes for Ladytron and Felix Da Housecat. David’s credits include artists like:

Raygun Romance, McSolaar, Ryan Shuck (Orgy, Adema, Julien-K), Daniel Graves (Aesthetic Perfection), Mad Gallica, Danny Blue, System Syn, StreetSects, Ty Oliver (Powerman 5000), Sammi Doll (IAMX – Bullet Height), Izzy-t, Brooke Colucci, Lizzy Jeff, Nova Melodius, Kaos India, Hellfire Society, Robben Ford, Audyaroad, Five To Ten, Lambstone, Rhumornero, Colors Void, The Cabin Fevers, Odd-Rey, Sydney Valette, Stonebreed, The Nest, and Italian pop superstar, Valeria Rossi. He mixed various projects for Universal Records, Nettwerk Records and Virgin Radio and video games such as Fallout 4 and Rock Band 3.

In 2017, David worked with one of France’s most famous and influential hip hop artists of all times, MC Solaar, mixing the multiplatinum album Geopoetique. The release also went on to win “album of the year” at the French Music Awards

In 2014 he opens the now popular Youtube channel MixbusTv, which became quickly one of the most trusted and respected online resources for audio mix and mastering. David is also trusted by many major companies in the industry working both as a consultant and for dedicated “how to” video tutorials on pro audio and studio hardware and software. Among the always-expanding list of partners AMS Neve, SSL, EVE Audio, MOTU, Drawmer, UVI Software, Tc Electronic, Kali Audio, Wes Audio, Austrian Audio, Golden Age Project, Kazrog, Baby Audio, Denise Audio Waves, Empirical Labs, Louder Than Liftoff, Toontrack, Sonible,  Tegeler, Klanghelm, MME Pro Audio, Status Audio, and many more, he’s known for his detailed highly competent and very technical reviews of pro audio hardware and software.

Now located in Los Angeles, California, David has his own private mix and mastering suite, equipped with some of the best gear available on the market, SSL, AMS Neve,  Heritage Audio, Eve Audio SC3012 main monitors, Wes Audio, MOTU, SSL, API, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, Rupert Neve Design, Louder Than Liftoff, KALI Audio, Modson, and much more. Available as a producer,  mix & mastering engineer.

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