“Immerse is the logical evolution of audio in videogames, I can't think of gaming without it! The first time I tried Immerse on Final Fantasy XIV, I was blown away, I didn't expect my headphones could do that! It feels like I'm inside the game and know where even the slightest tiny sound comes from.”

Meet Chocoferu, videogame content creator and Twitch partner.

Chocoferu is passionate about videogames, on any platform, from console to PC and even some good ol’ classic gaming on machines that are now collector’s pieces (and he has a few of them!). Among games, his favorite are RPG, with Final Fantasy XIV having a special place in his heart. He has been playing it since its release, back in 2010, has helped build over the years the largest spanish speaking FFXIV community (FFXIVESP, he is the community admin), and since 2018 he regularly streams FFXIV content on his Twitch channel.

On top of FFXIV content, Chocoferu streams a wide variety of games, bringing regularly new releases, testing them thoroughly and sharing his experience with the audience. 

You can find Chocoferu in his Twitch channel:

Twitter: @chocoferu