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Lxgend: Beatmaking master and music producer 

A self-taught musician since the age of seven, LXGEND has evolved from his roots of being a lead Pentecostal organist to fully embracing his creativity, personality, and confidence, via his Youtube Channel, IAMLXGEND. He first found inspiration to become a music producer listening to projects like Kanye West's "College Dropout," Timbaland's "Shock Value," & Ryan Leslie's "MZRT" albums. 

After many years of uploading content and music to the Internet and undergoing a name change from "Enxo" to "LXGEND" (a name which he openly stated came in part from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen + the END of a dying breed), the Gemini-born artist found himself producing tracks for the likes of August Alsina, Stormzy, & a charity campaign for Justin Bieber. Lxgend is most famously known for making Janelle Monae cry from an original song he produced titled "Al!ve", which he pitched to her in 2010.

LXGEND can now be found uploading videos on his YouTube channelIAMLXGEND (https://solo.to/iamlxgend), streaming on major streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Music, or inspiring artists of all types and cultures to pursue their love of music at any level. 

Music on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0KS6ZAMdGR9BZ2npDKs3rI
Link to music & socials: https://solo.to/iamlxgend