Crafting your own personal audio experience

Crafting Your Own Personal Audio Experience

Arguably the last major update in Endwalker’s life cycle is finally upon us. While we still have 6.45, 6.5 and 6.55 to be excited about, The Dark Throne looks to conclude the major story regarding our new antagonist, Golbez, and hopefully start shining a light on what we can expect in the next expansion. On top of that, we have the final raid tier upon us (although the Savage version has been staggered one week thankfully).
Square Enix is also working with Embody to have an updated Immerse Gamepack for the MMORPG, crafting your own personal audio experience. Not only have they updated their version to 2.0 with better AI algorithms and a larger sound library, but are currently running a 30% off deal, and for anyone who just wants to try it out, they are increasing the free trial from 14 days to 30 days. This promotion will end roughly in one month on June 21.
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