DualShockers Reviews Immerse Gaming

DualShocker Reviews Immerse Gaming

A fresh new way to enjoy your favorite games

"For anyone that plays titles like Call of Duty: Warzone, pinpointing where certain sounds are coming from or if someone is trying to be a sneaking snake by creeping up on you is a game-changer. To try out the HIVE plug-in, I jumped into a game of CoD using the Razer Barracuda X in which, I have to say, are extremely comfortable, lightweight and already produces quality sound.

I could immediately tell by using the spatial audio how much clearer and immerse the game was compared to using my older headset. I’m not sure how much that definitely came down to the HIVE device or because of the quality of my new headset, but I certainly could pick out sounds I didn’t notice at all before like actually judging the distance of gunfire and the faint shuffle of boots close by."

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We would love for you to experience how Immerse can elevate your gaming experience. You can download it for free, set it up in under a minute, and try it for yourself. Visit www.immerse.gg