Audio Media International reviews Immerse Virtual Studio

Can virtual immersive recreations of classic studios really help you mix and master on headphones?

"The range of software tools that are designed to overcome the limitations when mixing and mastering on headphones has blossomed over the last decade and, as more of us are forced into working in less-than-ideal conditions at home, these developments are welcome. Embody has partnered with several headphone and DAW companies to produce Immerse Virtual Studio (or IMV from now on) so it comes in four ‘flavours. There’s a special version designed for Avid’s Pro Tools, while other plug-ins work with Audio Technica or Audize Headphones along with most other audio software and DAWs on the market. The All Access version is compatible with all studio headphones, but is also specifically tuned for many of the common ‘phones used in studios. IMV uses a mixture of equalization for specific headphones and algorithmic binaural processing tools to both avoid the lack of crosstalk issues that you get with headphones and to simulate actual three-dimensional listening environments."

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