Mixdown Online reviews Immerse Virtual Studio

Mix Better on Headphones? - Immerse Virtual Studio Full Walkthrough

"Mixing on headphones is a hot topic in the audio world. For many of us, less than ideal mixing environments mean that headphones are the best choice. However, headphones have some limitations compared to studio monitors.

Immerse Virtual Studio is looking to remove those limitations by giving you a professional studio listening environment in your headphones.

In today’s video I give you a detailed overview of the product, explaining how it works, who it could work best for, and how to get the best mix when using this plugin."

Chris Selim from Mixdown Online Reviews Immerse Virtual Studio

Watch the full review video here.

We would love for you to experience how Immerse Virtual Studio can elevate your own mixing and mastering experience. You can download it for free, set it up in under a minute, and try it for yourself. Visit www.embody.co/proaudio