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Review: Embody Immerse Virtual Studio All Access Plugin

"Embody Virtual Studio is a plug-in with which a studio or its acoustics and monitoring can be simulated and output binaurally and then listened to on headphones and that also with the inclusion of an individual measurement of the outer-ear transmission function, or HRTF (Head Releated Transfer Function). Different studios that the user can select are also simulated."

"Many other virtual studio emulations are missing an important point. The entire transfer function is determined by the individual transfer functions of the acoustic impulse response of the studio with the selected monitors, the individual HRTF of the listener and not to forget the transfer function of the headphones used."

"I have already tested various simulations of studio environments with binaural output for headphone monitoring and I have to tell myself that personally I like this one in terms of sound best. Without including an HRTF, you simply don't get an authentic listening experience. The icing on the cake with Virtual Studio All Access is the inclusion of the headphone transmission function."

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