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Review : Audeze LCD-1 Headphones and Reveal+ Plugin (w/ Interview)

"My fortuitous discovery of Audeze’s LCD-1 headphones at NAMM was surprisingly intensified by my introduction to Reveal+ by Embody. The collaboration between these two companies has resulted in a unique solution that is at the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning in audio production. Sankar does a great job in explaining the details in the interview that follows, but in essence, this is how it works: You download an app to your phone, take a picture of your outer ear and upload the photo. The software generates a file based on your physical attributes and that is integrated with a plugin inserted at the end of your signal chain, that alters the sound you hear through the particular Audeze headphones you are using. Going further, you can choose from a growing selection of acoustically modeled studios so that you can hear, in theory, how things would sound in that particular environment."

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