Immerse Virtual Studio | Apple Music | Monthly Subscription

Immerse Virtual Studio Apple Music | Monthly Subscription

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  • Monthly Subscription: Auto-renewal with option to pause at any time; own after 12 payments (this line for monthly sub only)
  • Hear your mix as Apple Spatial Audio in any DAW, with any pair of headphones
  • Binaural Export: Send your Apple Spatial Audio mix as a binaural .wav that can be auditioned on any device
  • Easy Output Toggling: Toggle between speaker-based and Apple Binaural playback with the click of a button (additional studio purchase required)
  • Route up to 2 custom input sources into Immerse to hear all your final rendering formats in one place (standalone only)
  • Includes VST3, AU, and AAX plugins and standalone version
  • Purchase also activates this studio inside Immerse Spatial Audio Production Suite
  • Mac Only: Apple Binaural requires a macOS to function